360 degree News Portal and App Service

News Spring Media offers a 360 degree solution that includes news portal & App design, domain name registration, web server hosting at a class ‘A’ ISP and content services that are provided by a team of experienced journalists.
Website and Apps will be updated with news every couple of hours. Daily content updating by News Spring Media Services to make the portal look fresh and updated.
The content shall be taken from your publication and various news agencies with which we have a tie up. Cost effective solution to keep your portal visible around the world


Outsourced Page Design

News Spring Media has a team of experienced designers who can create aesthetically pleasing newspaper or magazine pages based on the content provided by Publishers.
The News Spring Media team follows the editorial style and design brief of the publishers in making smart pages with color corrected images modified as per the printing requirements of the publisher.
The print ready pages are provided to the publisher in a timely manner allowing publishers to focus on core newsroom activities.


Newspaper Redesign

The design team of News Media Services has vast experience in designing new newspapers as well as redesigning existing publications. News Media Services can redesign the newspaper to make the newspaper more contemporary and smart.
A redesign also signifies a revitalization of the brand to meet the growing aspirations and expectations of the readers, especially the youth. A redesign allows news publishers to showcase content differently making it easier for readers to find news. A redesign may also allow better utilization of the ‘real estate’ by providing more news, images and infographics.

About Us

News Spring Media Services is a venture of Vast Digital Publishing Pvt. Ltd. which is the company that runs India’s leading ePublishing portal A Digital India will need digital newspapers – online and Apps. A Digital India will need digital newspapers – online and Apps. News Spring Media offers a 360 degree solution to newspapers that includes domain name registration, web hosting, a world class content management system driven news portal & Apps and regular content updates.

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